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Leap Bridge VJ Management Consultant Office
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Office Overview


Leap Bridge VJ Management Consultant Office

Naoki Sugiura - Managing Director
The small and midium enterprises registered management consultant
The advance grade, Certified professional of Retail Marketing
Advisor for Business in Emerging Economies, JETRO
Registered consultant of Osaka Management Association
Overcoming the tragedy of war in the past, the population in Vietnam is now exceeded 90 million, and is going turned into a promising market with young and energetic people.

In addition, not only Japanese companies but also many foreign capital are actively investing, and the manufacturing industry utilizing the talented and hardworking superior labor market has entered a new stage of development. It is working actively to strengthen the supporting industry by country wide efforts, is a big chance for the growth strategy of small and midium-sized enterprises of Japanese companies in Vietnam. In addition, considering the Chinese economy and the growing risk of politics, we can mention Vietnam has an advantage of geographical connecting the ASEAN countries and China, to be a favorable business environment to expand the Vietnam business strategy aggressively.

On the other hand, the economic base of Vietnam is also still fragile, and there is unexpected riks because of country system. In addition there are many local subsidiaries the management performace is not healthy after launching of business.

We have established 'Lead Bridge VJ Management Consultant Office' in order to contribute to the development of each other leap of Vietnam and Japan to support the Vietnam business of Japanese companies. Supporting to solve management issues of Vietnam business and leap further development of Vietnam and all of you, it is appreciated to be able to provide the advantage of the know-how of our company who are familiar with local business and rich international experience.


Bachelor : Doshisha University, Electronic Engineering
1979 Matsushita Electric Trading Co., LTd.
Export Electronic Components/Semiconductors
1986 Matsushita Electric Corp of America, Panasonic Industrial Company
1994 Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
Corporate Industry Sales Division, Planning Manager of Overseas Industry sales office
1998 Panasonic Industrial Europe (UK)
General Manager of Corporate Planning
2000 Matsushita Electric Industial Co.,Ltd.
Head Quarter, Corporate Planning Office / Overseas Business Strategy Group / Overseas Planning Group - Team Leader
2010 Panasonic Vietnam Co., Ltd.
Director - Corporate Planning and Brand Promotion, Legal, External Affairs
Contribution in Vietnam
1. Expertise overseas strategy planning
 in the global enterprise
2. Experience on overseas company
 management over 14 years from
 US/Europe to the emerging countries
3. Well-informed management in
 Vietnamese business

Management, Branding, Legal, Risk Management,
CSR activities, Environmental administration,
Public Relations and External Affairs,
Sales & Marketing strategy
Contribution in Vietnam

Office Overview

Address c/o Midousuji Center Office
6th floor, Seiwa City BLD Midou Building
4-2-15, Kyutaromachi, Chuoku,
Osaka, 541-0056 JAPAN
Managing Director Naoki Sugiura
TEL 06-7878-6531
FAX 06-7878-6532
(Mobile) 050-3580-0250
Foundation January, 2014
Business Support to establish Vietnam business strategy of Japanese company
Management assessment and advice of Japanese subsidiary in Vietnam
Support Brand management in Vietnam
Support Vietnam Riks management

  Leap Bridge VJ Management Consultant Office